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May 17, 2016 1:57 PM EDT

Girls creator Lena Dunham announced Tuesday morning on Lenny Letter that she will release 2,000 copies of a book called Is It Evil Not to be Sure? The book will be 56 pages long and will feature her personal journals from more than 10 years ago.

“Earlier this year, recuperating in bed from surgery and feeling painfully adult, I found my journals from 2005/2006 on an old hard drive,” Dunham wrote in her announcement of Is It Evil Not to be Sure? “I was moved by—maybe even proud of—how carefully I had recorded that period of time, my younger self’s commitment to capturing the kinds of hyper-internal formative moments so often lost to adulthood.”

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Dunham says this experience inspired her to make her craft more accessible: “I have always believed that women chronicling their own lives, even (or especially) at their most mundane, is a radical act. That’s why I thought the diaries might be worth sharing as a short book, with proceeds going to Girls Write Now and their mission to give young women the tools to tell their own stories.”

Hard copies of the book have already sold out, but as Dunham notes, “e-book copies are infinite.”

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