May 9, 2016 3:12 PM EDT

Jon Stewart no longer has The Daily Show as a platform to rip politicians, but he still found time to say what he thinks about Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.

At the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, Stewart told David Axelrod he wasn’t sure if Trump was even eligible for the presidential nomination, Politico reports. “I’m not a constitutional scholar, so I can’t necessarily say, but are you eligible to run if you are a man-baby, or a baby-man?” he asked, adding, “He has the physical countenance of a man and a baby’s temperament and hands.”

Stewart went on to describe Trump as an “unrepentant narcissistic a–hole” and raised the question of the time period Trump is harkening back to when he says he wants to “Make America Great Again.” “When was America great? What is this time that he speaks of? ’81 to ’82?”

Stewart also had choice words for Hillary Clinton, calling her a “very bright woman without the courage of her convictions because I’m not even sure what they are.”


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