Goats Break Free From Goat Parade

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When parade organizers envisioned Covington, Kentucky’s first annual Running of the Goats, they pictured less of a Pamplona-style running of the bulls, and more of an organized amble down the town’s streets. No one told the goats, though.

Seven goats were supposed to trot from Covington’s Farmers Market to Goebel Park, where they work as four-legged lawnmowers. A group of volunteers was supposed to pen them in along the route, but the goats had other plans. “They came out and then immediately started making a break for it,” Amanda Regensburger, one of the volunteers, told local news outlet WCPO.

The eager goats made a break for freedom, jumping over one of the barriers, and heading out for a day of adventure and a night on the town. Most of the goats were captured on Saturday thanks to the hard work of a team of volunteer goat wranglers, two however managed to elude capture until Sunday morning.

Luckily for goat enthusiasts, the escapade has not soured parade organizers on the idea of making the goat run an annual event. However, they are considering making a few changes next year to make sure the next Running of the Goats doesn’t involve running after the goats.


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