May 8, 2016 10:42 AM EDT

Dana Carvey’s classic Saturday Night Live character The Church Lady returned to the show to talk to “Satan,” a.k.a. Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump in the cold open.

When Taran Killam’s Cruz said losing the Republican nomination was “all in God’s plan,” Church Lady responded, “Was it god’s plan to be humiliated by an orange mannequin?” Cruz then resigned himself “go to hell” since so many people had suggested he do so anyway.

Next, Carvey brought on Darrell Hammond’s Trump, who brought along his wife, his daughter and a random model. Church Lady suggested Lucifer might be a good VP pick for Trump.

SNL also took down the other major cultural moment of the week: Jon Snow’s return to Game of Thrones. Kate McKinnon played Melissandre who had to “think for a full 10 minutes” about whether to revive Jon Snow before warning others that her magic “only works if it’s done very slowly.”

“I’m sure they’re cutting away to King’s Landing while I’m doing all this boring stuff,” said Melissandre. “No, it’s real time,” corrected guest star Brie Larson.

When Snow finally awoke, he said he missed his family and wanted to go see what Bran was doing, for which he received a collective groan.

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