THERMAL, CA - APRIL 17: TV personlity Kylie Jenner attends REVOLVE Desert House on April 17, 2016 in Thermal, California. (Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for A-OK Collective, LLC.)
Ari Perilstein—Getty Images for A-OK Collective
By Cady Lang
May 5, 2016

Although Kylie Jenner has gone on record telling us that she had no plans to start a music career, she made her musical debut Thursday on a new rap track titled “Beautiful Day” alongside an artist who goes by the moniker Burberry Perry. The track is a riff on (and heavily samples) the Mr. Rogers theme song, and also features Jenner’s friend, Jordyn Woods, plus actual IRL musicians and fellow Jenner cohorts, Justine Skye and Lil Yachty.

Jenner’s brief part is exactly what you think it would be — imagine the Calabasas-vocal fry of the reality TV celebutante singing the Mr. Rogers theme song, then autotune it to a degree that would make even T-Pain blush. (Although if you’re looking to listen to just Kylie’s part, you can fast-forward to the 2:40 mark.)

However, Jenner’s meh vocals on an even more meh song are not the real tragedy here — that is, the complete waste of the Mr. Rogers theme song sample. Children’s media is chock-full of golden opportunities to be featured in rap and this unlikely intersection has given us some of hip-hop’s most beloved tracks. Here are five songs that did it right.


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