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How the GOP is Dealing With Donald Trump’s Nomination

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Newly proclaimed presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump‘s team is hard at work negotiating the details of a joint fundraising agreement with the RNC, as top aides huddle with GOP officials to take on a larger role in shaping the convention in July. But the transition hasn’t been so smooth elsewhere in the GOP universe. At least one GOP governor, a handful of members of Congress and a cadre of consultants are already pledging not to support Trump, while a host of lawmakers ducked phone calls from reporters Wednesday asking them the same question. Spokespeople for both Presidents Bush said they are not rushing to endorse the presumptive GOP nominee. Republican Sen. Ben Sasse released an open letter late Wednesday pledging to help a third-party candidate against Trump. In an interview with TIME, Trump dismissed the notion that he needs complete party unity.

Meanwhile the Hillary Clinton campaign released a brutal ad featuring Trump’s GOP critics—just a taste of what’s to come over the coming six months. Her campaign is beefing up its general election operation as her primary winds down.

What Trump’s first 100 days would look like. Why the GOP convention still matters. And Obama visits Flint.

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Sound Off

“As far as the Republican Party coming together, it will, maybe not 100%, but it’ll come together 99% and the 1% I don’t want and it won’t have any impact.” — Donald Trump to TIME on the GOP unifying behind him

“In terms of vice president, I’m going to go the political route. I don’t need the business route. I’ve got that covered.” — Trump to CNN on his vice presidential selection

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