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May 5, 2016 6:12 AM EDT

So Should We Just Kill Them All?

What You Need to Know About Zika

How to beat the virus—and the mosquitoes that carry it

Why the Clintons Don’t Fear the Coming Armageddon With Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton’s ultimate trump card will not be her gender but her relative humanity

The Fall of Theranos and the Future of Science In Silicon Valley

The situation exposed weaknesses that might indicate a systemic problem

What Happens After Donald Trump Wins the Nomination?

Trump’s next steps could either remake U.S. politics or further divide the country

The Last Nazi Trials

The prosecution of a 94-year-old former SS guard renews questions about how to assign blame for the Holocaust

15 Questions With Michael Kinsley

The journalist and former Crossfire co-host sizes up the boomer legacy, extols later-in-life marriage and gets real about the big exit

To Celebrate Mother’s Day, TIME Asked Influential Moms to Write Open Letters to Their Children

How DJ Khaled Became the Self-Help Sage of Snapchat

He built an empire serving chicken soup for the millennial soul

Bubble Drone

This helium-filled concept, from Germany-based Festo’s Bionic Learning Network, is designed to interact safely with humans while carrying small objects. Here’s how it works.

GOP Boss Reince Priebus Leads a Wary Embrace of Donald Trump

The Republican boss will strive to unite and focus his party in coming months

A Special Evening of 100 Stars

For the Record

Even In Death, Prince Remains Surrounded by Mystery

He died of yet-unknown causes with a vault of unreleased music and no apparent will

Grammar ‘Mistakes’ Made Good

Pop Chart

The Tao of Trash

A Clinton Adviser Takes on Lincoln’s Legacy

Sidney Blumenthal examines the political life of Abraham Lincoln in new book

Review: Drake Offers a Snapshot of His Messy Relationships on Views

The album isn’t perfect, but it will still influence artists and audiences

Modern Feminism Should Stop Selling Out

How Political Instability Threatens Iraq from Within


New Trade Deal May Be Doomed by Populism and Suspicion on Both Sides of the Atlantic

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership faces opposition from both Europeans and Americans

A ‘Woman Card’ Benefit Donald Trump Might Not Imagine

There are some perks

Review: The Carmichael Show Pushes New Boundaries

The throwback sitcom sticks with a well-known format

Loretta Lynch

The Attorney General recently traveled to Talladega prison in Alabama to talk about her efforts to make it easier for prisoners to re-enter society after their time is served. She sat down with TIME days before the Justice Department announced that a North Carolina law violates transgender people’s civil rights.

The First Black Superhero Leaps to the Silver Screen

Black Panther will get his own Marvel Studios film in 2018

Civil War Buffs Captain America’s Star

Don DeLillo Dances With Death in His New Novel

Zero K follows a reclusive billionaire who aims to fight death

Sherman Alexie Talks About Why He’s ‘One of the Brown Folks for Clinton’

TIME talks with the author of ‘The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian’

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