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May 4, 2016 7:30 AM EDT

A great deal has been written about the challenges of motivating today’s workforce. Yes, the traditional drivers remain as important as ever, including attractive compensation and benefits, great training and development programs, and opportunities for professional advancement. But it takes much more than that to inspire people to take their jobs to a higher level.

One thing that motivates today’s professionals is speaking to leaders who are passionate about what they do. There is no replacement for face-to-face meetings where leaders take time to tell stories about experiences in their business and personal lives. To share anecdotes about challenges they’ve faced, and lessons they’ve learned from failures. Or simply listen to their team members, celebrate achievements and, in essence, become “human.” Too many leaders seem unwilling to peel back the layers. Here’s how to become a more transparent leader and motivate your team:

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1. Share your passion
I can’t think of another industry that could possibly be as exciting as technology. The tech industry changes people’s lives; the services we use, and the way we shop among other things. It’s a passion I share with my team every day, and one that resonates with our clients as well. Clients want to know you care about their industry and their business beyond it being your job.

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2. Embrace new opportunities
Inspiration and passion can be sparked in many ways. Very early in my career, I had the opportunity to transfer to the Silicon Valley office. It was in the 1980s, and Silicon Valley was still quite dependent on the semiconductor industry. There were a lot of new companies and IPOs. It was at a time when Silicon Valley was taking shape. As the Valley and the industry grew so did my passion for technology.

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3. Provide the tools necessary for success
My objective is to make sure my tech employees can accurately inform and assist their clients. It’s the knowledge they need to be successful. This inspires confidence in individuals and enables them to focus on the bigger picture. You may be surprised at the depth of the passion.

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