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A Four-Year-Old Genius Taught Ellen a Few Things About Science

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Child genius Brielle Milla has already wowed the world with her chemistry skills, but she returned to The Ellen DeGeneres Show to prove she has serious biology chops, too.

Ellen quizzed the pig-tailed prodigy with body part flashcards and the pint-sized scientist rattled off a stream of facts about ears and their importance to balance; the heart and the cardiovascular system; how the large intestine breaks down food to make fuel for the body; and the use of melanin in your eyes. It’s just like if your biology teacher had a lisp, an adorable giggle, and a serious thing for Finding Nemo.

Milla clearly has a bright future ahead of her, but whether she decides to study one of the hard sciences or devotes her considerable brain power to something else entirely, there is one area she has already fully mastered—making full grown adults feel like complete numbskulls.


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