Elizabeth Renstrom for TIME
April 27, 2016 10:09 AM EDT

It’s no secret that sexist remarks are an occupational hazard for female sportswriters—but a new campaign is shining a light on just how horrible the comments directed at women in the industry really are.

For its #MoreThanMean campaign, Just Not Sports, a “podcast and Web community devoted to all the things the sports world loves away from the game,” compiled mean tweets that sportswriters Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro have received. Then they had men (not the ones who wrote the tweets) read those messages to the women themselves.

The result? The realization that these hateful tweets are more than mean—they’re vicious and completely unwarranted attacks.

At first, DiCaro and Spain laugh about the tweets, shrugging off how nonsensical and incorrect they are. “Sarah Spain is just a scrub muffin,” one person wrote on Twitter.

As the video goes on, though, the tone becomes much more serious. “One of the players should beat you to death with a hockey stick,” a man reads to DiCaro. “I hope your boyfriend beats you,” another reads to Spain.

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The message is loud and clear: This kind of harassment needs to stop. “Some women in sports are harassed online, just for doing their jobs,” Just Not Sports writes. “We wouldn’t say it to their faces, so let’s not type it.”

You can watch the full video above, although–fair warning—some of the comments are difficult to hear.

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