Here’s What Star Fox Zero Gets Right and Wrong

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Nintendo bills Star Fox Zero as “Star Fox 64 re-imagined.” That’s another way of saying Nintendo had to make the retelling work with the Wii U’s dual screen approach and motion controls. Thus instead of playing on a single screen, Nintendo splits your gaze between the TV and Wii U GamePad, then further splits the way you maneuver vehicles and aim their weapons.

It’s a lot to juggle. And just as you’re coming to grips with the standard Arwing space fighter’s controls, you’re jostled to another vehicle, and then another, the design team piling lesson upon lesson with little review or reinforcement. It’s like being with an over-enthusiastic kid who can’t wait to show you all his toys.

Here’s a quick look at the game and distillation of TIME’s review, including what works, and what doesn’t.

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