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Watch Amy Schumer Slam Politicians Who Are Anti-Reproductive Rights

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The fourth season of Insider Amy Schumer kicked off Thursday with a skit about men in Congress attempting to control women and their bodies.

In the clip, Schumer visits her gynecologist. But instead of a doctor, four Congressmen stand by the stirrups. Obviously startled, Schumer asks where her doctor is. “We’re the House Committee on Women’s Health,” one of the men says. “So I think we have a better idea than a bunch of science-y nerdles.”

Instead of giving Schumer a pap smear, the Congressmen ask her questions like, “When was the date of your last lady curse?” “How many blood diapers did you use?” and “How many men have you laid with in the last year?”

After shaming her for being a sexually active 34-year-old woman with no children or husband, the men attempt to do the “vagina-y part.”

Schumer asks for a female doctor, but she is quickly informed that there are no women on this fictional committee. “That’d be like letting the lions run the zoo,” one of the men jokes.

Watch the full skit at Comedy Central.

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