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8 Eco-Conscious Instagram Accounts to Follow on Earth Day

Apr 22, 2016



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This post in support of the #longmarch from #Dhaka to the #Sundarbans, protesting the 1320MW coal-fired power plant to come up at Rampal, just outside the #mangrove forest home to the tiger, six kinds of dolphins, crocodiles, the endemic masked finfoot, and on which hundreds of thousands of artisanal fishermen depend. -------------------------------------------------- This is a photo of #pollution a week after the heavy fuel #oilspill was taken deep in the #Sundarbans --------------------------------------------------- Imagine the wastes a thermal plant at the head of the #Sundarbans will generate: fly ash and bottom ash, hazardous wastes that contain arsenic, lead, mercury, and radioactive elements which will be buried or transported off site. Either way, the wastes pose danger. Buried, it will leach into the groundwater, affecting nearly a million people living in and near the forests. Transported, it will traverse through the forests again, with the constant threat of capsizing and polluting the fragile ecosystem. The rebuttal to such arguments is fired from the moral high ground of ‘development’: Don’t we want progress, don’t we want our citizens to prosper? And if the answer is yes, why should the Sundarbans be a factor in deciding the growth trajectory of a country? Because: 1) Khulna is in the top ten cities that stand to suffer the most as a percentage of GDP in the event of rising sea levels and increasing storm surges. 2) Bangladesh is in the top five countries most in peril when it comes to climate change and coastline degradation. The Sundarbans is the main — in fact, only — defense against a future that threatens rising seas and destructive monsoons. The brute force of Aila and Sidr was a teaser of what is to come, and the fact that the damage from those two cyclones was relatively contained is proof enough of the effectiveness of the mangrove buffer. ‘Development’, with its shiny GDP badge, will be for naught if the Sundarbans were to die. See: #stoprampal #climatechange

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