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The United States of Insolvency
$13,903,107,629,266. Can the nation afford this much debt?

A Debt We All Must Pay

What Today’s Democrats Can Learn from Bill Clinton’s Crime and Welfare-Reform Bills

Hillary Clinton’s campaign could use a strong dose of politically incorrect truth telling

Hard Times for David Cameron

How Things Get Messy When I Take My Boss Act Home

What do my kids think I do for a living? Fire people

Exclusive: Janet Yellen Talks Transforming the Fed

In a TIME-exclusive interview, Yellen says she is focusing on Main Street not Wall Street and dusting off the Fed’s mandate to regulate

Lauren Bush Lauren on How–and Why–to Give Your Time to Others

First, pick a charity with personal significance

Review: Sing Street Honors the DIY Spirit

John Carney’s new film is set in 1985 Dublin

Lost In Translation

The look of emojis varies widely across platforms–and leads to miscommunication, per a new study from the University of Minnesota. Here, a few of the most divergent emojis by (clockwise from top left) Apple, Google, Microsoft and LG.

Pop Chart

The Self-Filling Water Bottle

It isn’t commercially available yet, but the solar-powered Fontus is making a splash on crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Here’s how it works.

How El Niño Heats the Globe

How Income Affects U.S. Life Spans

For the Record

10 Questions With James McBride

The National Book Award winner and musician talks soul, stupidity and Kill ’Em and Leave, his new biography of James Brown

Review: The Night Manager’s Thrill of Secrecy, Agony of Deceit

Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie star in the new show

The Billionaire and the Bigots

How Donald Trump’s campaign brought white nationalists out of the shadows

Can Ride Apps Really Solve America’s Traffic Woes?

Carpooling research could shape the commute of the future

The Obamacare Quirk That Is Fueling the Opioid Epidemic

Patient survey questions about pain management are leading hospitals to prescribe potentially dangerous drugs

Trump and Sanders Have Tapped Into a Dangerous–and Wrong–Anti-Trade Sentiment

Baltimore Looks for Hope a Year After Freddie Gray’s Death

Violence persists as police try to restore trust with black communities


Review: A Battlefield Memoir From an Interrogator

Eric Fair’s Consequence

Big Business Should Learn from the Rust Belt

The Great Barrier Reef Is Under Attack

El Niño and climate change loom

Review: Andrew Dice Clay’s New Sitcom Is Abrasive for No Reason

Dice, the comedian’s latest, airs on Showtime

Bridging Borders

King Salman of Saudi Arabia and Egypt’s President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi agreed April 8 to build a long-planned bridge across the Red Sea to connect the two countries. The $1.7 billion project joins a list of ambitious attempts to build cross-border bridges.

Why a Woman May Not Be on the Front of the $10 Bill

America rallied around the idea of a woman for the $10 bill. But what if Hamilton fans stick her on the back?

How America Got Hooked on Guns

The GOP’s Plan to Look Past the Presidency—and Win Congress

Senate and House seats are up for grabs

A New Book Asks, ‘Are You There, Allah? It’s Me, Cindy’

It Ain’t So Awful, Falafel tells a story of growing up Muslim in America

4 Apps to Help You Give Back

Nepal’s Man-Made Disaster

A year after a devastating quake, politics has kept the country in ruins

Quick Talk With Hugh Laurie

The actor stars in The Night Manager

The Biggest New Sounds on Broadway

From Shuffle Along to She Loves Me

Jon Favreau’s Jungle Book Is a Wild Tale for a Digital Age

CGI animals talk, sing, saunter, slink and slither

Rise of the ‘Plyscrapers’

Wood is making a comeback as a building material with the development of engineered timber, an eco-friendly alternative used in “plyscrapers” around the world.

Pop’s Biggest Stars Are Reviving the Album by Reinventing It

Surprise releases by the likes of Beyoncé and Rihanna have changed the music industry

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