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Here’s the Breaking Bad Easter Egg Even Vince Gilligan Missed

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Better Call Saul is full of callbacks to its mother show Breaking Bad, leaving plenty of opportunities for viewers to pick up on connections between the two Vince Gilligan dramas. The spinoff is currently in its second season on AMC and is accompanied each week by Better Call Saul Insider Podcast, a conversation with the show’s cast and crew that is hosted by editor Kelley Dixon.

This week’s podcast episode featured showrunner Gilligan and costume designer Jennifer L. Bryan, who in addition to discussing Jimmy McGill’s iconic suits, also revealed a Breaking Bad Easter egg that Gilligan himself didn’t notice until he was told about it. The hidden detail involves the shirt that Aaron Paul’s Jesse Pinkman is wearing in season five’s “Granite State” after being kept in captivity by Todd and his uncle’s gang of white supremacists.

Since this is not the outfit Jesse was wearing when he was taken hostage, it was presumably given to him by one of his captors. Well, it’s apparently the same shirt that Todd was wearing when he shot the kid who witnessed him, Jesse and Walter stealing methylamine from a train in “Dead Freight.” This moment was significant for all three characters, as it showed Todd’s true nature and led to Jesse’s final breaking point with his meth-dealing mentor.

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“It’s so f—king brilliant,” Gilligan says in the podcast. “I had to be told that because I didn’t have that great an eye for it. I should’ve noticed it, but as soon as I heard, the hair stood up on the back of my neck. I said ‘That is so perfect.’ That’s the kind of sh—t, that we’re proud of ourselves for coming up with the perfect detail in the writers’ room, and that was such an ironic thing that makes perfect sense.”

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