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Nintendo Fans Will Love Tesla’s Hidden Easter Egg

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If you’ve ever dreamed of driving on Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road, all you have to do is buy a Tesla.

A recently discovered Easter egg transforms the dull gray road shown on a Tesla’s instrument cluster into a colorful path that resembles the notoriously difficult Mario Kart level. A cowbell tune also plays in the background while this mode is turned on.

To activate the hidden feature, Tesla owners need to activate their cars’ autopilot four times in quick succession, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted on April 11.

Tesla owners need the latest software update in order to trigger this transformation, which Musk referred to in his tweet as “psychedelic cowbell road.” He also hinted that more hidden updates could be coming, tweeting “And, yes, we are adding more cowbell soon.”

This isn’t the first time Tesla has buried amusing Easter eggs in its products. Last year, Tesla owners discovered a James Bond-themed reference tucked away in the Model S.

Check out the video above to see what the Rainbow Road trick looks like.

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