April 8, 2016 2:09 PM EDT

Video of a spinner shark throwing off a standup paddleboarder in Florida is making waves across the web.

The footage shows a shark appearing to pop up out of nowhere as Maximo Trinidad was paddleboarding during his lunch break Thursday around a surf spot in Jupiter, as he told WPTV and WPBF.

While this particular kind of shark is mainly interested in small fish, it has gotten too close to humans in the past, according to the Shark Research Institute. “This is an active, schooling shark. It often makes feeding runs through schools of fish ending in a spinning leap out of the water…Spinner sharks are sometimes attracted to divers who are spearfishing,” reads a description of the shark on the non-profit’s website. “Although a spinner shark has never been implicated in a fatality, the species has bitten humans.”

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