March 17, 2016

Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of the hip-hop-themed Hamilton musical, recently freestyled about the importance of gender equality while Harry Potter actress and United Nations Ambassador Emma Watson dropped a beat for him. Miranda shared two video clips on his Facebook Thursday, showing the freestyle as well as a clip of Watson sorting Hamilton characters into Hogwarts houses. The clips were filmed earlier this month around International Women’s Day to promote “HeforShe,” a UN gender equality campaign that Watson helps promote.

Beatboxing on camera was new, frightening territory for Watson, but as soon as Miranda assured her that he is a feminist, she seems to have felt empowered enough to give it a try. And while the effort might not have earned her top marks at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it didn’t throw off the rap.

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Watson was more in her element when she put on her “Sorting Hat” to “sort” actors into Hogwarts houses — specifically, cast of Miranda’s Grammy-winning Broadway show.

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