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5 Smoothie Ingredients More Expensive Than Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Moon Dust’

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Many people have unique morning rituals designed to set them up for a productive day—and Gwyneth Paltrow recently gave some insight into her a.m. routine when she posted her go-to smoothie recipe on her lifestyle website, Goop.

The drink is filled with superfoods, the most notable one being “moon dust of choice.” The Daily Mail points out that it would cost $223 to buy everything you need to make the smoothie, with the moon dust alone costing $55 (although VanityFair.com’s calculations suggest that each smoothie comes out to about $10 each—moon dust goes further than you’d think!).

Believe it or not, there are pricier smoothie ingredients than moon dust, which contains ingredients like ginseng, goji and chamomile, depending on which variety you buy. If you’re looking to beat Paltrow at her own game, we suggest filling your blender with one (or more) of these high-end ingredients:

1. Edible gold leaf dust
You’ll slurp like a queen if you invest $199.99 in a one-gram jar of this precious metal and start adding it to your morning drink.

2. Saffron powder
Ditch more affordable smoothie boosters in favor of this one-ounce tin of saffron, which comes in at $246.

3. French morel mushrooms
For just $341, you could spice up your next few smoothies with premium dried fungi.

4. Italian white truffles
Who says $510 is too much to pay for your next culinary experiment?

5. Yubari king melon
For the reasonable price of $12,000, you can buy one of these prized Japanese melons. Hey, they are advertised as being “remarkably sweet.”

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