By Tara John
March 15, 2016

An Italian prosecutor says that more than two dozen international tennis players should be investigated by the Tennis Integrity Unit for match-fixing.

Roberto Di Martino told the BBC and Buzzfeed that the players were named in evidence seized from gamblers suspected of match-fixing, the files also included the names of two players ranked in the world’s top 20.

The prosecutor, who has been conducting an inquiry into an alleged match-fixing ring that involved gamblers and Italian tennis players, told Buzzfeed that the files seized included references to at least 37 players, where 29 have been ranked in the top 50. But it is not clear whether the named players were actually approached by match-fixers or if they turned down the offers to throw matches.

Martino, who would not reveal the identity of the players’ to the BBC, said that tennis authorities should be doing more with the evidence he has found. “Surely if these foreign players were Italian, they would certainly have been at least questioned,” Di Martino told the BBC. “They should have provided some explanations.”

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