McDonald’s Is Expanding Its All-Day Breakfast Menu

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Can it really be considered “all-day breakfast” if you can’t get hash browns?

McDonald’s is reportedly offering its full breakfast menu at select locations. People can order any and all breakfast items including biscuits, McMuffins, McGriddles, and of course hash browns.

When the fast food chain launched all day breakfast back in October, there was a catch. Customers could only get either a biscuit or a McMuffin, depending on where they live and what their local McDonald’s serves, and even then they could only get certain varieties. While most menus included a core list of items—sausage burrito, hotcakes, parfait, and oatmeal—menus varied by location, and most didn’t serve hash browns after 10:30 a.m.

At the time, McDonald’s spokesperson Lisa McComb assured breakfast fans, “If a location isn’t able to offer hash browns at this point, that doesn’t mean they may never offer them as more learning continues to happen.” Finally that learning is happening and, according to Brand Eating, it’s starting in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Triad area of North Carolina. McDonald’s is calling it, “All Day Breakfast: Bigger Menu,” and if market testing goes well it could extend nationally in the near future.

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