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Fewer smartphone rivalries are more intense than that between Apple and Samsung. Both companies dominated the smartphone space in 2015, with Samsung’s phones accounting for roughly 22% of the global market and Apple’s nabbing just over 16%, according to IDC.

Samsung’s latest contenders are sure to keep the rivalry hot. The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge pack several improvements over their predecessors, like a better camera, improved hardware design and water resistance.

Here’s a look at five features found in the Galaxy S7 that aren’t on the iPhone.

Launch the camera by double tapping the home button

On Samsung’s newer phones, you can double press the home button to launch the camera. This, Samsung claims, lets users launch the camera in less than a second.

Apple doesn’t have the same shortcut, but you can launch the camera quickly from the home screen by tapping on the camera icon in the lower right corner.

Take clearer low-light photos without using flash

One of the Galaxy S7’s biggest improvements compared to its predecessors is the ability to take better images in dim conditions. Samsung has increased the size of the pixels in its camera sensor, which lets it take in more light.

I found this to be true. A picture shot in a dark bar looked brighter and less grainy when taken on the Galaxy S7 versus the iPhone 6s Plus. That being said, Apple also has its own methods of improving photography in poorly lit situations. The iPhone 6s is capable of using the phone’s screen as a flash when taking photos with the front-facing camera, for instance.

Make a payment using your phone without NFC

Most mobile payment systems, including Apple Pay, rely on a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) to connect your smartphone to a payment terminal. While NFC support is becoming more common in the retail world, it’s still not everywhere.

Samsung Pay, however, can be used with almost any payment terminal. That means it works just about anywhere credit cards are accepted regardless of whether or not the cash register supports NFC.

Charge your phone without plugging it in

Like many Android smartphones, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 can be charged wirelessly. Rather than plugging the phone into an outlet, users can rest the device on a charging pad to replenish its battery.

The type of wireless technology built in to Samsung’s newest phones (and the Galaxy S6) is made to work with just about any charging mat available. Although some tinkerers have developed workarounds that allow wireless charging on the iPhone, the feature is not officially supported.

Add extra storage space

Users who store hours worth of movies, TV shows, and music on their mobile devices will appreciate this feature. Galaxy S7 owners can add more storage space to their device by popping in a new microSD card. Both phones support up to 200GB in extra storage space.

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