March 7, 2016 11:25 AM EST

It’s hard to believe that the 2016 presidential election has somehow gotten even stranger in the one week since John Oliver devoted his in-depth Last Week Tonight monologue to a Donald Trump takedown. As Oliver noted this week, Trump’s primary victories have started piling up to the point that Republican opponents like Marco Rubio have gotten more desperate in their attacks. Rubio used a rally speech to imply that Trump had a small penis, prompting Trump to suggest on national TV that “there’s no problem” with his endowment.

“If you can’t say the word ‘penis,’ don’t imply the word ‘penis,’ ” Oliver said on Sunday night. “Because at that point it’s not even an insult, it’s a Christian rock lyric.”

Oliver ended the segment by looking at Republican politicians in Texas who have started to emulate Trump’s example. For instance, Robert Morrow, the newly elected chairman of the Travis County Republican Party, has said that he is “Donald Trump on steroids” and bragged about his penis size on Twitter.

“To their credit, the Republicans were quick to distance themselves from both candidates, with the Texas governor’s office issuing a statement that ‘Robert Morrow in no way speaks for the Republican Party or its values,’ ” Oliver said. “But doesn’t he, though? Because in this election cycle, it’d be a lot easier to argue that your party shouldn’t be judged by people who spread weird Obama conspiracy theories and brag about their dicks, if that didn’t also describe your presumptive nominee for the presidency. It’s a weird election time we’re going through.”

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