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Here’s the Perfect Weapon for Drone Haters

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Drones are becoming easier than ever to use, and with companies like GoPro and possibly Samsung getting into the space, they’re bound to become more common. But not everyone is thrilled with the prospect of camera-equipped robots buzzing throughout the sky.

Good news for the anti-drone crowd: England-based OpenWorks Engineering created a bazooka that can take down drones by deploying a net and parachute to bring them back to the ground.

The aptly-named SkyWall100 has a 100-meter range and comes with a smart scope that helps users properly aim and time their shots. The 22-pound launcher is being marketed as a cost-effective and portable way to deal with unwanted drones.

The company also says it only takes eight seconds to reload the bazooka, which should make it easier for a single person to target multiple drones in succession.

OpenWorks via YouTube

OpenWorks is introducing its drone catcher as the industry is continuing to grow. The Consumer Technology Association estimated that drone sales have approached 700,000 units in 2015, representing an increase of 63%. As of last month 300,000 drone owners in the U.S. had registered their aircrafts.

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