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Watch Dory Discover Her Next Adventure in the New Finding Dory Trailer

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Have you seen Dory?

No, really – have you seen her? Disney Pixar has just dropped a new teaser trailer for Finding Dory that features the adorable, absent-minded blue tang fish (Ellen DeGeneres) asking some very important questions, such as “Where is everyone?” and “Where is Dory?”

Making use of the classic Motown hit “Have You Seen Her” by the Chi-Lites, the teaser sets up an adventure where Dory figures out exactly who she is, and where she belongs. And if you’re like Dory – i.e. full of burning questions – there’s a chance you might just get some answers soon: a brand-new trailer will debut on DeGeneres’ daytime talk show on March 2.

Helmed by Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton and focusing on Dory’s quest to find out about her long-lost family, Finding Dory features deep sea creatures voiced by Idris Elba, Dominic West, Ed O’Neill, Diane Keaton, Eugene Levy, Katilin Olson, Albert Brooks, and Ty Burrell, who plays a helpful snub-nosed beluga whale.

“There are a lot of big animated films that are important to people, but [Finding Dory] seemed to really, at least for me and a lot of people that I know, break new ground,” Burrell told EW in a recent interview. “There’s always a deeper message with Pixar, and so much of it [in Finding Dory] is that these characters are trying to find faith in themselves …They’re trying to overcome their insecurities in order to help somebody in need.”

Finding Dory deep dives into theaters on June 2.

This article originally appeared on EW.com

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