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It’s been weird watching these Uncharted videos for the past few years, knowing original series writer Amy Hennig’s hand no longer holds the rudder (she left the company in 2014 over alleged creative differences). But boy does studio Naughty Dog’s new Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End story trailer look slick.

And it gets the job done. I want to know a lot more about Sam Drake (voiced by the fantastic Troy Baker), don’t you? You don’t bring a long presumed dead older sibling back to life without capsizing the Nathan-Sully-Elena-and-maybe-Chloe dynamic.

It’s definitely as bright and colorful as all the prior installments, but there’s something faintly tragic-sounding to the Nathan/Sam chitchat. Are we headed for Kleenex-ville? Since we’ve been told this is protagonist Nathan Drake’s final outing?

We’ll find out just what sort of farewell tempest writers Neil Druckmann, Tom Bissell (yes, that Tom Bissell) and Josh Scherr have concocted when this PlayStation 4 exclusive ships on April 26.

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