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The ‘Damn Daniel’ Viral Twitter Video Is the Internet’s Latest Obsession

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Sometimes the best things to come out of the Internet are the most inexplicable, and the hilarious viral video of Daniel Lara and his white Vans is exactly that. Titled “Damn Daniel,” the video features several clips of a teen wearing a variety of different outfits as the person recording repeatedly exclaims, “Damn Daniel,” and, “Back at it again with the white Vans,” in a bizarre voice. The montage was filmed by Lara’s friend Joshua Holz and was uploaded to Twitter on Feb. 15 where it has been retweeted nearly 264,000 times and liked over 331,000 times to date.

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Of course, once the post started to spread, it quickly began to be meme-ed. Fellow Twitter users have already remixed the clip’s audio with a sick new beat:

And responded with a slew of amusing jokes:

Even Daniel himself has weighed in to say he is, “stoked by all this.”

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