By Tessa Berenson
February 19, 2016

Bernie Sanders is accusing Hillary Clinton of pandering to black voters by closely aligning herself with President Obama.

“Hillary Clinton now is trying to embrace the President as closely as she possibly can,” the Vermont Senator says in an upcoming interview with BET, excerpts of which were reported by CNN. “Everything the President does is wonderful. She loves the President, he loves her and all that stuff. … And we know what that’s about. That’s trying to win support from the African-American community where the President is enormously popular.”

Clinton spokesman Jesse Ferguson hit back at Sanders, saying, “It’s disappointing that Senator Sanders thinks the only reason a Democrat would be proud of President Obama’s work would be a political ploy to court African-American voters.”

Sander has struggled to attract black voters, a critical part of the Democratic constituency. A recent CNN poll found former Clinton leading with among black voters, 65% to 28%.

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