Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., speaks during a House Democrats' news conference in the Capitol on Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015.
Bill Clark—CQ Roll Call/Getty Images
February 17, 2016 6:54 PM EST

Rep. Alan Grayson offered Wednesday to allow Internet users to decide his superdelegate vote in the Democratic primary—Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

The Congressman representing Florida’s 9th district offered the choice in a post on Tumblr, saying he would be making his vote at the Democratic Convention in July based on online feedback.

“I’ll be making this decision based on what you and your friends tell me. I’m inviting you to vote on this, and give your reasons,” Grayson wrote in the post. “Democracy—what a concept!”

Internet users can vote via an online form that asks for their email, first name, candidate preference and an explanation for their support of either Sanders or Clinton. Though the form does ask for postal code, it is not clear if votes will be exclusive to Grayson’s constituents.

Grayson, who is running a controversial bid for Senate, is one of the all important superdelegates—an unelected delegate who is free to vote for any candidate at their party’s national convention. Candidates court superdelegates because of their flexibility in voting, but Grayson says that process is corrupt.

“Look, I’d be perfectly happy if our nominee were chosen exclusively in the primaries. But 15% of the delegates to the Democratic Convention are chosen because of who they are, not whom they support,” Grayson said. “And I happen to be one of them. I wrestled with that responsibility for a while, until I realized that I don’t have to decide – I can let you decide.”


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