Tracing the last few seasons of The Walking Dead, ScreenJunkies’ latest Honest Trailer showcases the evolutions and stagnations of the beloved series. And just how much Rick Grimes facial hair has changed over the years.

Tackling season 4 through 6, which just returned with its midseason premiere on Feb. 14, the new Honest Trailer cobbles together the trials, tribulations, and many destroyed safe havens Rick and his crew of survivors have faced. And for a series the creators of the Honest Trailer believe has become predictable and formulaic, they’re still surprised the show fast-forwarded through the introduction of cannibals.

But if the ScreenJunkies crew is truly upset over anything (other than the seeming shift from every character having the possibility of dying to largely only supporting characters dying), they still can’t quite move past how the (SPOILERS for the last half-season) fake death of Glenn has “further devolved” the show into one where no one can die: “Even when they’re clearly eaten by a massive herd of friggin’ zombies,” the voice-over for the trailer laments.

See the full Honest Trailer above for all of that and more, including a riff on The Walking Dead’s after-show Talking Dead and its host Chris Hardwick. And for more on the AMC drama’s return, read EW’s interview with producer Scott Gimple and with creator and producer Robert Kirkman about the show’s return, and catch up with EW’s latest recap.

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