By Tara John
February 12, 2016

Ghostbusters actress Kristen Wiig did her best Peyton Manning impression as she dressed up as the Super Bowl-winning quarterback Thursday on The Tonight Show.

In a blonde wig and the full Denver Bronco’s uniform, Wiig joked with host Jimmy Fallon about Sunday’s big game, which she seemed to know little about. “I’m thinking I’m so far from the line and I have to get it to the, I gotta do it, gotta get this ball to the guy” Wiig said when asked about the last moments of the Super Bowl.

When quizzed about an elaborate ring she was wearing, Wiig said: “Oh this, it’s this little thing my wife gave me and she wears a tie.”

But the best bit of the fake interview was when Fallon asked to to show Manning’s talent as the “the greatest quarterback to ever play the game” by throwing a golden football into a hole.

Let’s just say it didn’t go well. Watch the clip above.





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