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Alzheimer’s from a New Angle

What If You Live to Be 100? Or Even Longer?

The thorny issue of longevity

Meet Motto, TIME’s New Site for Advice Worth Sharing

Review: Netflix’s Love Is Funnier When the Glow Is Gone

Judd Apatow is behind the new comedy

Lessons on Longevity From the Animal Kingdom

A menagerie of super agers

The Lonely Journey of Migrants to Europe

Refugees from the Middle East keep making the dangerous journey to Europe—whether they are wanted or not

Review: The Snide Is High in Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds stars in the new film


Can a Diabetes Drug Cure Aging?

9 Questions With Eddie S. Glaude Jr.

The chair of Princeton’s African-American studies department is urging black voters to write in ‘None of the above.’ He explains why

Quick Talk With Grace Helbig

The comedian and YouTube star, whose channel boasts 2.8 million subscribers, just released her second book, Grace & Style

What Will the Retirement Age Be In 2050?

Predicting longevity in the future

The Perfectly Sane Case for Life In Space

New research suggests cosmic biology is not just possible; it’s inevitable

The Robot Lifeguard

The True Cost of Living a Long Life

Humans are living longer. How are you going to pay for old age?

The Trump and Sanders Show: Why Two Outsiders Are Winning

The odd couple are turning conventional political wisdom on its head

China’s Shopping Spree In America

A Chinese investment group’s purchase of the Chicago Stock Exchange on Feb. 5 is the latest in a series of major acquisitions of U.S. assets by Chinese firms and investors looking to boost their fortunes as economic growth slows at home.

Why Are Old People Less Scared of Dying?

How our legacy affects us at the end

Zika Afflicts an Already Weak Brazil

Review: Mona Awad’s Body Language

Her debut novel is 13 Ways of Looking at a Fat Girl

Jennifer Lopez’s New Show Turns Las Vegas Into Destination Diva

The singer joins the ranks of pop stars in residency

Why Do Some Unhealthy People Live So Long?

Longevity can be hard to predict

Pop Chart

How Zoolander Shaped the Selfie Generation

Review: Vinyl Seeks Rock’s Holy Grail


Finding Moments of Republican Grace Amid the Ugly Bluster of Donald Trump

Do Happy People Really Live Longer?

The science of mood and longevity

Review: Old Fears Run Deep in NewWitch

The ‘New-England Folktale’ terrifies

Strange Gods

What This Year’s Oscars Says About America

From horses and spuds to warriors

Maurice White

Master of the groove

How Social Media Is Disrupting the Lives of American Girls

How Our War Against ISIS Is Going

Steady, but maybe too slowly

Longevity: It’s the Little Things That Keep Us Young

From mindfulness to diet

Why Schools Are Struggling to Let Students Sleep In

The Best Presidential Campaign Ads–So Far

Political advertising is mostly rote and robotic, drawn from a wasteland of tired formulas and boring sound bites. But a few candidates have broken through this cycle with something politicians rarely display: actual creativity.

Why We Need to Start Thinking Further into Our Future

We’re living longer and getting older. So we need to rethink what that means

The Great GOP Humbling of 2016

The Republican campaign trail has been brutal and unforgiving. And it has only just begun

A New Frontier

Remember Junk Bonds?

Rihanna’s Anti Goes Against the Grain

The singer is back with a strong point of view

A North Korean Satellite Launch Angers China

The One Way Millennials Could Still Change the World

Twentysomethings are financially stressed, socially liberal and politically pivotal. But none of that will matter if they don’t vote

Work Perks

Countries That Banned Boogying

The city of Lausanne in Switzerland has outlawed “silent discos,” in which masses of revelers dance to music while wearing headphones. Local authorities said that despite the name, the events are too noisy for local residents to endure. Here, some other unusual dancing bans from around the world.

Fashion Design According to Tom Ford

‘We’re dictators’

Study Shows Music Brings My Family Closer Together

As long as I’m not the one choosing it

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