By Olivia B. Waxman
February 10, 2016

No date for Valentine’s Day, ladies? Why not watch an 18-minute video in which Italian supermodel and romance novel cover boy, Fabio Lanzoni, will pretend to converse with you. Essentially a Yule Log for Valentine’s Day, he is reclining on a bear rug with a bottle of champagne and two mewing kittens in the clip on Hallmark’s streaming site

Watch as Fabio says, “Tell me about your day.” He pauses so you can respond, nodding supportively and throwing in an occasional “huh?” and “tell me more,” so you really feel like he’s listening. And then just when it looks like he has the nerve to take out his cell phone and text in your face, he says, “I just went through your Instagram, and I really like your photos.”

The full clip is on, while a 3:00-minute version of the experience is below:


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