Watch Bernie Sanders and Larry David Play Each Other on Saturday Night Live

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Bernie Sanders and Larry David are pretty, pretty, pretty good.

The Vermont Senator had trouble containing a grin on Saturday night standing next to his dopplegänger on Saturday Night Live, where the two appeared on stage together just two days before the Democratic primary in New Hampshire.

The two sometimes-prickly Jews from Brooklyn have similarly bald pates and are about five years apart in age, and have been compared at least since Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David first played Sanders last year on SNL.

But Saturday was the first time the two appeared together on stage. Sanders stepped off the campaign trail in New Hampshire to take a brief sojourn down to New York, where he could reach a national audience and poke fun at himself. Sanders’ campaign widely promoted the appearance before Saturday night, texting his supporters shortly before he appeared on air and changing his Twitter photo to a photo of David.

Appearing on SNL is an unusual shtick for Sanders, who is obsessively on-message during his campaign and says he despises frivolity in politics. In an interview with TIME last year, he derided coverage of politics as a “baseball game,” saying he wanted to focus on the issues.

The cliches of both men were on full display on Saturday. In one skit, David plays a cantankerous passenger on a ship that has sailed into a storm. In order to get onto a lifeboat, David’s character says he should get priority because he is from a rich family.

And that, of course, is Sanders’ cue to enter. “I am so sick of the one percent getting this preferential treatment!” says Sanders as he strides out on stage. “Enough is enough! We need to unite and work together if we’re all going to get through this!”

“That sounds like socialism to me,” David responds. “Democratic socialism!” Sanders retorts.

David in an earlier skit plays a more exacting and irritable version of Sanders running for president on the say of the Iowa caucus, in which David-as-Sanders accidentally turns off voters.

David refuses to shake a voter’s hand after she sneezes in it. “I’m running for president. I don’t shake disgusting hands,” David says. He later touts his average donation size. “Listen, people love me. I have more individual donations than any candidate in history and I don’t take from millionaires and billionaires. The average donation is—” and then his campaign staff interrupts—”$27, yeah everbody knows!” (Sanders repeats the average donation size often on the campaign trail.)

Hillary Clinton appeared on SNL last year, playing a bartender alongside Kate McKinnon. Donald Trumphas also appeared on the show.

Sanders returns to campaigning in New Hampshire on Sunday. An aide to the Senator said he was not spending the night in New York and would return immediately after the show was over.

At the end of their screen time together, David turns to Sanders and asks him how the campaigning in New Hampshire is going. Sanders repeats David’s signature Curb Your Enthusiasm line.

“It’s pretty, pretty, pretty good,” he says.

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