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Here’s How to Replace the Peanut Butter in a Reese’s Cup with Oreo Cream Filling

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The dessert to end all desserts is finally here: an Oreo-cream filled Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

It’s a simple concept in theory, but actually achieving a successful Oreo filling transplant takes a steady hand. Luckily, The Food Surgeon, a self-described “culinary practitioner not qualified to perform surgery of any kind,” has shared an in-depth video that showcases exactly how to go about performing the complicated procedure.

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Using a scalpel, the YouTube user carefully slices open a Reese’s Cup — keeping the chocolate top intact — and performs the “peanut-butter-ectomoy.” The gloved specialist then fills the dissected treat with two discs of Oreo cream and reattaches the chocolate top, creating a masterful candy/cookie mashup.

Watch the full video above.


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