By Daniel White
February 2, 2016

Donald Trump is getting trolled by the Internet after a second-place finish at the Iowa Caucus.

The website now redirects to Trump’s entry on Wikipedia. Trump, who frequently calls his opponents “losers,” left Iowa a loser after being bested Monday by Ted Cruz.

Registered as a domain since 1995, the site has trolled many a celebrity or politician while they were down. Last year, redirected to Kanye West’s Wikipedia page after an incident at the Grammys with singer-songwriter Beck (who got his start with a single called “Loser,” natch). Other losers the site has determined include Al Gore in 2000, Obama in 2008, Wikileaks and Reddit.

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Trump cut his losses Monday night in Iowa, thanking supporters but looking forward to the upcoming New Hampshire primary, where Trump enjoys a considerable lead over his opponents there, according to an average by RealClearPolitics.

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