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Google’s main search app now doubles as a random fact generator for iPhone 6s owners.

The company issued an update to its app for iPhone on Feb. 1 that takes advantage of Apple’s 3D Touch technology in a new way, as TechCrunch first noticed. Once the app is updated, iPhone 6s owners will be able to quickly access Google’s “I’m Feel Curious” button by pressing down on the Google Search app icon. Tapping this button brings the user to a random question and its answer, with the option to pull up a new query right underneath it.

Questions can range from anything such as “When did the first microwaves come out?” to “Who was the last person to sign the Declaration of Independence?”

Google links to the information’s source right below the answer.

Google’s app already supported 3D Touch, but the “I’m Feeling Curious” functionality appears to be a new shortcut. Those who don’t have an iPhone 6s can access the same arbitrary facts by typing “I’m feeling curious” into the Google Search bar.

It’s a lighthearted feature that probably won’t come in handy too often, but it shows that companies such as Google are still coming up with new ways to use Apple’s 3D Touch months after it’s been introduced.

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