January 29, 2016 3:20 PM EST

Say hello to Bum. He’s a cat from California who looks really worried. All the time.

Before you allow your heart to break, he’s actually a “super silly and happy” creature, his owner Courtney Morman told ABC News. “He just has perpetually crossed eyes,” she said. “His eyes and lids are also shaped a little funny, but other than that, he’s totally fine. He’s been seen by a vet and nothing is wrong with him.”

Last year, someone found Bum abandoned and brought him and his littermates to the San Diego Humane Society, where Morman worked. She said she fell in love with him instantly and thought his “personality matched his silly looks.” She named him after San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner, her favorite baseball player.

After sharing pictures of Bum on her personal Instagram account, Morman decided this week to make Bum his own page to raise awareness about adopting shelter animals.

“I wanted to put it out there that I got this really cool cat at a rescue,” Morman told the Huffington Post. “There are so many awesome animals at rescues and I want people to know that they can get a special pet at a shelter, too.”

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