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Netflix has a handy little trick that lets you type in codes to access every single Netflix category. (The blog What’s On Netflix has a list of every genre — from Korean TV shows to zombie horror movies — and its corresponding code.)

Stephen Colbert caught wind of this cool trick and said it will “revolutionize the way we watch Netflix, compared to how we watch it now, where you and your family scroll for an hour before picking up where you left off at Lincoln then falling asleep two minutes later.”

But of course Stephen Colbert couldn’t stop there. He decided to come up with a few of his own “very specific sub-genres that nobody knows about — until now.” He comes up with fake codes for the following fake genres:

  • Kurt Russell Tank Top Movies
  • Movies That Let You Pretend You Read the Book
  • Movies To Remind You That Breaking Up With Danny Isn’t The Worst Thing That Could Happen To You, Brenda
  • Movies Parents Can Put On So They Can Shower For Five Goddamn Minutes

If anyone from Netflix is reading this, please make these real genres. Thanks.

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