Watch the 10 Most-Shared Super Bowl Ads

Jan 12, 2016

Unruly, a company that tracks and analyzes statistics on viral videos, has released a list of the "most-shared" SuperBowl ads on social media. The firm compiled the roundup based on the number of times that a link to the video's URL is shared on Twitter (in terms of tweets and retweets) and Facebook (in terms of likes, comments, and timeline shares), according to a spokesperson.

Number 1 on the list with 5.3 million shares is no surprise: Volkswagen's 2011 Star Wars-inspired spot "The Force," featuring a kid dressed as Darth Vader repeatedly trying to use the Force around the house—and finally succeeding by turning on the 2012 Passat (thanks to his dad, who secretly unlocks it from the kitchen). In addition to being known as the most-shared Super Bowl Ad of all-time, it has been called the second most-shared TV commercial ever. That's because VW's ad agency Deutsch decided to put out the commercial before game day, setting a new precedent for advertisers, who now feel compelled to queue up social media marketing campaigns weeks before the big event.

See how many of the most shared ads you remember gearing up for Super Bowl 50 on February 7.


Volkswagen 2012

The automaker's canine rendition of Darth Vader's "The Imperial March" (0.9 million shares):


Paramount 2015

A special Furious 7 trailer (1.31 million):


Chevrolet 2012

OK Go playing "Needing/Getting" on more than 1,157 homemade instruments (1.34 million):


Fast & Furious 2013

A special Fast & Furious 6 trailer (1.5 million):


Ram Trucks 2013

Radio announcer Paul Harvey narrated the commercial "Farmer" (1.9 million):


Budweiser 2014

On the joys of adopting a puppy (2 million):


Budweiser 2015

The emotional rollercoaster of losing a puppy and then finding it (2.5 million):


Budweiser 2013

A Clydesdale horse grows up and gallops away from its owner (2.9 million):


Budweiser 2002

Aired once during the 2002 Super Bowl — and was re-made for the 10th anniversary in 2011 (3.5 million):


Volkswagen 2011

"The Force" (5.3 million):

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