January 11, 2016 9:53 AM EST

Forget live-tweeting. New Yorker staff cartoonist Liza Donnelly live-drew the Golden Globes. The artist, who has also live-drawn a GOP debate and the Benghazi hearings, among other events, churned out whimsical portraits of stars at the award ceremony Sunday night on her Twitter feed at an astonishing rate.

On her website, Donnelly explains the drawings as “visual responses, visual commentary, visual communication. Our world is so image oriented now,” she writes, “this odd, unique skill [seems to have] struck a nerve.”

Though Donnelly, who tweeted that she will be on location to draw the Oscars in February, clearly aims to amuse with her drawings, she also seeks to inspire, as she once discussed in a TED Talk about empowering women through humor.

Below are some of the highlights of Donnelly’s work Sunday night:

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