January 6, 2016 5:46 PM EST

You probably remember Craig David for dominating the airwaves 15 years ago with his silky-smooth voice. Basically, the turn of the millennium was a big time for Craig David. The British R&B singer released four albums since his 2000 debut, Born to Do It, but just couldn’t seem to hang on to that ubiquity he once enjoyed. (Craig David fans—are they called Craigheads?—will probably fight me on this.)

Now, however, David appears to be gunning for a comeback. He went on BBC Radio 1 this week to perform a new song called “When The Bassline Drops.” While he was there, he also decided to cover Justin Bieber’s recent hit “Love Yourself,” because what the hell, right?

Let’s wait and see if this cover spawns a new generation of Craigheads.

And for nostalgia’s sake, let’s all take four minutes and relive the glory of “Fill Me In” and Craig David’s turn-of-the-millennium fashions. I mean, the jackets alone in this video:


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