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If you think Instagram is a place strictly for photos of sunsets, brunch and newly-engaged couples, you’re so wrong. Instagram is also a place for videos of a woman inexplicably smashing her face into bread. What’s more, it’s a place where these videos apparently have a large and dedicated audience.

Say hello to Bread Face Blog, an Instagram account that features videos of the same woman pushing her face downward onto bread products ranging from challah to naan to classic Wonderbread. (She occasionally reviews each bread’s “face feel” on a corresponding Tumblr.) What’s most remarkable about this Instagram account is that after 23 posts, it’s racked up more than 31,000 followers.

Oh, and every video features a carefully-selected pop song as the soundtrack.

Not much is known about this mysterious woman, known as Bread Face, but we suspect she lives in New York City, as she has featured products from several Brooklyn and Manhattan eateries. In an anonymous interview with Maxim, Bread Face explained why she thinks the account has attracted so much attention.

“It makes people laugh! Also, I just can’t imagine anyone outright hating it,” she said. “I mean, the worst reaction is to roll your eyes and scoff at the Internet but even then, you’ll probably still queue up another one.”

Bread Face has apparently gotten advice on how to market and monetize the account, but she’s not interested in that.

“It’s all really great advice but I take a step back and…it’s just ridiculous,” she said. “You’re talking about me putting my face in bread. And it’s crazy how quickly something that makes you happy can easily turn into a chore so I would hate for that to happen.”

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