Selena Gomez Is Done With Your Questions About Justin Bieber, Thank You Very Much

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Remember that time video footage surfaced of Justin Bieber serenading Selena Gomez with “My Girl” in a hotel, prompting a lot of are-they-back-together speculation? Well, we’ll likely never get the full story behind the encounter, because Gomez is no longer talking about her ex in interviews. Over it. Finished. Dunzo. As she recently told Rolling Stone, who inquired about the aforementioned clip: “Honestly, what I would love to be printed is that I am so beyond done with talking about that, and him.”

This is great news for anyone who thinks it would probably be quite boring, if not outright humiliating, to be asked about someone you dated as a teenager every time you wanted to talk about your work. Selena Gomez getting asked about Justin Bieber over and over again is to 2015 what Emma Stone getting asked about the Spice Girls over and over again was to 2014: all parties involved deserve better.

Sure, stars’ personal and professional lives often intersect, especially when one claims her new album is her most personal yet. But there are plenty of other more interesting things to ask her (and Bieber, for that matter) that don’t involve her dating history: What about her cameo in The Big Short, where she breaks down synthetic collateralized debt obligations with unexpected proficiency? (Odds that Gomez knows more about the financial crisis than you: pretty high.) Or about her new single “Hands to Myself,” which is pretty much a perfect pop song? Or literally anything else?

[Rolling Stone]

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