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There’s a Big New Rumor About Samsung’s Next Galaxy Phone

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Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, rumored to be called the Galaxy S7, will come with a screen capable of detecting different levels of pressure, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. It’s expected to debut in March.

This pressure-sensitive display would be similar to that of Apple iPhone 6s, which allows users to access certain shortcuts within the iPhone’s software by pressing down harder on its screen.

The Galaxy S7 isn’t expected to be very different than its predecessor, the current generation Galaxy S6, aside from a few improvements. Other than a pressure sensitive screen, the S7 is expected to feature a high-speed USB-C charging port that allows the phone to replenish its battery faster, a retina scanner, and a better camera that can snap clearer photos in low-light conditions.

The charging port would be capable of giving the phone a full day’s worth of battery life in 30 minutes or less, the Journal says. The current Galaxy S6 also supports fast charging through its micro USB charger, which is said to add four hours of battery life to the device in just 10 minutes.

The new features expected to debut in Samsung’s next major smartphone are already available in other phones on the market. Google’s new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P phones with come with USB Type-C chargers, for example, and Microsoft’s Lumia 950 allows you to unlock the phone by simply scanning your eyes.

This isn’t the first time reports have suggested Samsung’s next smartphone will come with a pressure sensitive screen. The idea first appeared on Chinese social network Weibo back in October, although The Wall Street Journal’s report offers more details.

Samsung declined to provide comment for this story.

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