Sia on "The Voice".
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December 12, 2015

If there’s one person qualified to give music powerhouse Sia advice, it’s Adele.

While visiting The Graham Norton Show on Friday, Sia talked to Norton about whether it’s possible to tour while singing powerful songs that are the signature of both her and Adele. (Sia also helped write on Adele’s recent album 25.)

“Yeah, you just do it down,” Sia, 39, shares.

“Actually, Adele gave me a top tip. She was like, ‘Yeah, whenever you can’t hit the high note, you’re just like la la la,’ ” the “Chandelier” singer says, miming holding the microphone out to the audience so the burden of hitting that impossibly high note is on them.

Sia adds, “I was like, there’s a reason she has 80 million dollars!”

Start warming up for those high notes – Adele recently announced that she will be going on tour in 2016, and Sia is releasing a new album in January that you’ll surely want to sing along with.

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