December 10, 2015 7:07 AM EST

1 ‘I salute both of these intrepid men.’

Mike Moore of Warsaw, Mo., on the Year Ahead issue (Dec. 29, 2014), which highlighted NASA’s historic mission to send Scott Kelly to space for a year while his twin brother Mark is studied on Earth

2 ‘We have a model which has very low administrative costs, good health care outcomes and does not rely on competition. It’s called Medicare.’

Dr. Alice Faryna of Columbus, Ohio, on Steven Brill’s Jan. 19 cover story about ways to improve the U.S. health care system

5 ‘Smart/funny/pretty.’

David Carr, late media columnist for the New York Times, on the sharing-economy cover (Feb. 9)

10 ‘The article confirms, in my opinion at least, that we need some new faces in office be it Democrat or Republican.’

Charles Evans of Mayfield, Ky., on David Von Drehle’s March 23 cover story about Hillary Clinton

21 ‘Am I physically dependent upon these drugs? Of course I am. Does that mean that I am a drug addict? No, it does not.’

Robin Vosburg of Bakersfield, Calif., one of many readers who wrote to say they take prescribed opioid doses for chronic pain, after reading Massimo Calabresi’s June 15 cover story on opioid addiction

30 ‘The Donald Trumpiest photo shoot ever.’’s Ezra Klein, on the Aug. 31 cover shoot by Martin Schoeller

31 ‘In the rest of this @TIME cover photo I’m doing naked tai-chi.’

Stephen Colbert, late show host, making fun of his serious expression on the Sept. 7 cover

36 ‘I’ve been following this crisis for a while but your issue really puts a human face and soul to it.’

Diane Speros of New York City, praising the Oct. 19 special report on the refugee crisis

39 ‘Take my dog … take my guns … but you’ll have to take my crispy bacon from my cold, dead hands!’

J. Thomas Steele of Hialeah, Fla., on Jeffrey Kluger’s Nov. 9 cover story on the dangers of meat

41 ‘You finally get it. Honor the victims and their families, not the shooter.’

Elizabeth Shauver of New Castle, Ind., on “What It Takes to Forgive a Killer” (Nov. 23), TIME’s special report on the aftermath of the Charleston, S.C., shooting

‘Honored to be breaking the net with these 30.’

Gwyneth Paltrow, via Twitter, on being named to TIME’s list of the most influential people on the Internet (March 16)

‘Owning 100 Pairs of shoes is an obscenity.’

Carole Cernuto of Canoga Park, Calif., on the environmental effects of household clutter, in response to “The Joy of Less” (March 23) by Josh Sanburn

‘For me, this piece gently offers that I am not weak for seeking support, that sometimes it’s O.K. for me to be the patient.’

Reid Haflich, a Boston M.D. candidate who said he has struggled with depression, after reading Mandy Oaklander’s Sept. 7 feature on physicians’ mental health

‘Her life, her choice, what’s the problem?’

Letliv2010 via, on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s essay concerning former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal, a white woman who for years presented herself as black (June 29)

‘What’s next? An algorithm to help married couples figure out how incompatible they have become?’

Sarabjit Singh of old Tappan, N.J., on Aziz Ansari’s June 15 feature, which explored the perks and perils of dating in the digital age

‘It is not hearing about the “damn emails” that has people sick and tired. It is hearing Ms. Clinton’s ever changing stories about them.’

Roger Devore of Dunlap, Ill., on Joe Klein’s Oct. 26 column, which declared Hillary Clinton the winner of the first Democratic debate of the 2016 cycle

‘I hate the word [ambitious]. I think it’s impolite.’

Savannah Guthrie, today show host, discussing women and ambition, the subject of Kristin van Ogtrop’s Sept. 28 feature

‘Thank you for the opportunity to be 9 again.’

Tony Seger of Southfield, Mich., on Richard Corliss’s history of Cinderella onscreen (March 23)

‘I’m so glad that you have employed someone like [typographer] kent lew– now i can read TIME magazine without keeping a magnifying glass handy.’

Marlene Fabrie of Orland Park, Ill., on TIME’s redesign (which debuted in the June 22 issue)

‘It really hit close to home for me and many other young adults.’

Loyal Coshway of Columbus, Ohio, on Haley Sweetland Edwards’ Nov. 30 exploration of the U.S.’s student-debt crisis

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