Barbra Streisand Calls Out Hollywood’s Double Standard

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Barbra Streisand was unfairly labeled as “difficult” during her six-decade career because of the double standards in Hollywood, Streisand said in a new interview.

The singer, actor and director told The Hollywood Reporter in a wide-ranging interview about how “language defines the problem of the way women and men are viewed” in the entertainment industry.

“We’re just measured by a different standard,” Streisand said. “He’s ‘committed.’ She’s ‘obsessed.’ It’s been said that a man’s reach should exceed his grasp. Why can’t that be true of a woman?”

The “Yentl” director said she was painted as too “aggressive” after the 1983 film was shut out of the best picture and director Oscar categories, according to The Hollywood Reporter. She also said she’s long been called “difficult,” which she says is a label unfairly given to women.

“But what does ‘difficult’ mean anyway? If a man on a set says something — ‘I want to change this shot’ — they do whatever he says,” Streisand said. “Now, if a woman asks…”

The star also weighed in on Hillary Clinton’s run for president, saying the candidate is “now amazing” after finally finding “her voice.” She also called Donald Trump “funny.”

“When I listen to the things he says, I think, ‘This thing can’t be happening.’ But it is happening,” Streisand said.

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