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There are a lot of theories about the story behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but it’s unlikely that any of them revolve around a bluegrass band, a debutante, or a renegade moonshiner. Luckily, the folks over at the Samurai Guitarist YouTube channel have re-imagined the Star Wars trilogy as a country song where “a young Billy Luke Skywalker has befriended Ol’ Ben Ken Bobby.” They receive a distress signal from “the beautiful debutante, Charleia,” and “set off to Mos Eislenburg, Kentucky” to offer their assistance. That’s where they meet “moonshine trafficker and overall scumbag, Hank Solo Jr.” and his dog “Chewingtobacca” who offers to drive them in his “beat up Ford Falcon.”

To accompany the imaginative story, the group crafted bluegrass versions of composer John Williams’s famous Star Wars themes including the main theme, “The Force Theme,” and the “Imperial Death March.” The songs are recognizable, but clearly from an alternate reality—or perhaps a different galaxy far, far away.

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