November 26, 2015 2:40 AM EST

His spearheading of India’s “White Revolution,” which catapulted the country from having a shortage of milk to being the largest global producer since 1998, earned Verghese Kurien the moniker “Milkman of India.” And four years after his death, Google India has chosen to celebrate what would have been his 94th birthday with a doodle.

The India-only doodle shows Kurien seated on a stool next to a buffalo holding a container used to deliver milk — symbolizing his contribution to making India an agricultural powerhouse, primarily through his founding of the dairy company Amul.

“There are few things to give one’s country as sacred and invaluable as nourishment,” Google said about its tribute. “Today we salute Verghese Kurien, whose ingenuity transformed India’s milk industry and continues to soothe countless stomachs and minds.”

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